The Province advances with the national plan dedicated to strengthening the Primary

There will be more hours in primary school across the country / Archive

The General Directorate of Culture and Education (DGCyE) took in recent days a step forward towards the extension of class hours in Primary Education, as proposed by an initiative of the Ministry of Education of the Nation.

As circulated yesterday in sources of the Provincial educational system, the educational portfolio sent a formal note to the 25 regions in which the districts of the system are grouped in the province of Buenos Aires in which the annexation of the fifth hour daily of classes in primary schools. The measure will not be massive in scope, since the plan will cover some 500 institutions. With that segment, the authorities of the ministry would already be advancing.

As pointed out by Education, the extension of the class day goes in the direction of what is proposed by the National Education Law No. 26,206, in its article 28: “primary schools will be extended or full day in order to ensure the achievement of the objectives set for this level”, says that rule.

The measure coincides in the Province with the recent announcement of the strengthening of the school week, with activities on shifts and on Saturdays, through a new program that replaces from this month, the dominated “+ATR”, which was created as an aid for students with learning difficulties due to the closure of classrooms in the context of the pandemic, during 2020 and 2021.

Recently, at the request of the national minister for the area, Jaime Perczyk, the Federal Education Council issued a resolution in June establishing that the jurisdictions of all the provinces committed to moving forward in this direction.

Although from the Provincial Ministry they did not deny the official communication that circulates through the schools, they did not provide more details about the measure.

“From the General Directorate of Culture and Education we celebrate this initiative, which will also allow us to comply with the mandate of the Provincial Law of Education and with the goals of the Six-Year Plan 2022-2027 defined by the Buenos Aires government,” the ministry reported in the internal statement. which alludes to the national initiative.


That text also indicates that the Province is working to further extend the number of hours of classes. Occasionally, it is sought to move to full time in some schools (from 4 to 8 hours of classes). At the same time, in others the activity will take 20 to 25 hours a week, as indicated by this new measure.

In the material oriented to the reading of teaching staff and authorities in the districts, it is argued that “longer class time contributes positively to the probability of promoting the year of study and the acquisition of learning”.


In the last hours, the general director of Culture and Education, Alberto Sileoni, told the press about these movements in the largest educational system in the country that seeks to go “from a single day to a full day” in about 200 schools.

He also confirmed that with 500 schools “we are working to add one more hour” and that in another 800 “we want to work on Saturdays,” the official said.

Regarding the diagnosis of the situation, the official said that “we need to reinforce learning.”

The new format of the class day “will not be imposed on any institution and will be a decision of each educational community, depending on the possibilities of each school and in joint work with the district and regional headquarters and the Provincial Directorate of Education Primary”, clarifies from Education.

According to Education, the extension will be applied after approval in each school

Thus, the modification of the time regime can be carried out by almost all the institutions of the Buenos Aires territory. It only appears prohibited for establishments attended by the minimum enrollment endowment (less than five students).

“Strengthen work in the classroom on curricular content of reading and writing, mathematics and science, with didactic guidelines that will be established by the Provincial Directorate of Primary Education”, raises on the orientation of the task with the expansion of the material that reached the educational regions .

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