The PT: “the state has not learned from the fires in Khenchela”

The workers’ party spoke on Wednesday, August 11, concerning the two forests that are currently ravaging the country.

Indeed, the party called on the highest authorities of the country to mobilize and use all the means at the disposal of the State in order to help the affected inhabitants following the series of fires which are raging in several Wilayas of the country.

In a statement, the party led by Louisa Hanoune called on the authorities to immediately remove “all obstacles, whatever their nature, in order to provide the Forestry Department and Civil Protection with all the material and human resources necessary to face the current catastrophic situation and anticipate any emergency. “

“The government has not learned from the Khenchela fires”

Regarding the lack of equipment, the Workers’ Party believes that the austerity policy pursued by the various governments has not spared the forestry sectors and civil protection.

The political party also expressed its astonishment at the lack of effective measures on the part of the authorities concerned, in addition to “the inability to learn the lessons and lessons from the fires which recently swept through the wilaya of Khenchela.

In addition, the party praised the courage of civil protection agents and residents who move and mobilize to face the fires with their meager means, at the risk of losing their lives.

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