The Quarry and High on Life were reportedly planned for Google Stadia

Both The Quarry and High on Life got some attention this month. Horror title The Quarry was recently released and is enjoying fairly solid reviews, and Rick and Morty co-creator High on Life was recently unveiled during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. Both games are said to be available on PC, but were originally planned as exclusive titles for Google Stadia.

At least that’s what they claim Axios page and refers to two sources involved in the development of the games in some way. The two titles should have helped attract new players to Stadia, but when Google abandoned the project in 2021, other publishers took over the games.

As for The Quarry, publisher Supermassive Games simply stated that the developers were looking for a publishing partner as development of the game neared its end. Neither Squanch, publisher of High on Life, nor Google itself commented on the allegation. Google and Supermassive Games partnered in 2020, so when The Quarry was announced, fans may have wondered if it was the new one Stadia game acted.

It’s definitely quite interesting to see what’s coming out of Google Stadia (buy now ) still could have been. We can also be quite happy that both titles have found a new publisher, otherwise they might never have seen the light of day.

Google Stadia is still available in and of itself, but Google itself is now selling the technology behind it to other studios. One of the first interested parties was Capcom, which is now offering a demo version of Resident Evil Village directly on their website. This may help players whose interest was aroused by the recent announcement of the first DLC for the horror title in making a purchase decision.

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