The question that the white people ask themselves: If the U21 minutes are not yet met, can Colo Colo lift the cup with Católica?

Colo Colo could be mathematically champion against the Catholic University, but the doubt has been installed as to whether the cup can be delivered without having complied with the U21 regulations.

The silver huemul is going to be present at the Monumental
© Agency OneThe silver huemul is going to be present at the Monumental

Colo Colo is very close to achieving the great goal of 2022: the National Championship. With an eleven-point advantage, the Cacique could be mathematically champion if it beats Universidad Católica by date 26 and both Ñublense and Curicó Unido fail to add three to three in their respective games.

A happy scenario, but one that has a great unknown from the regulatory point of view. And it is that Popular has not yet reached the goal of 1890 minutes (70% of the championship) with at least one Sub 21 on the court.

He still lacks 164 to meet his quota, so even if Vicente Pizarro or some other youth player plays the entire game against Católica, the total number required will not be reached and It could only be achieved against Curicó Unido, in the next match of the tournament.

This situation has generated doubt among the fans about whether the cup can be delivered to the Crusaders without having complied with that rule.since this contemplates the subtraction of points and, due to this technicality, could postpone the definition of everything.

It is worth remembering that article 31 of the regulation indicates that there are penalties with points in case of falling short in that matter. More specifically 3 units if only between 65.1% and 69.9% is reached; between 60.1% and 65% there are six and if less than 60% is added there are nine.

Could the cup be finally handed over to Católica?

From the ANFP they indicate that, despite the fact that the U21 minutes have not been completed, the cup could be delivered to the Catholic University. This is because the punishments cannot be anticipated and just after the championship, that sanction contemplated by the regulations could be applied.

In other words, in the unlikely scenario that Colo Colo does not meet the minutes, only once the tournament is over could he run that sanction.. The Cacique has already added 66.5% of the minutes, so, at most, there could be a sanction of 3 points.

In any case, as happens in each championship organized by the ANFP, where a team, mathematically, can be champion, the cup must be present in said venue. For this reason, the trophy corresponding to the 2022 national tournament will be present in some hidden place in the Monumental Stadium.

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