The rain dance

After the arrest of former Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, the Bronco, former President Vicente Fox, via Twitter, sent a message to the new Governor of New Leon Samuel García: “More bullshit, pure cannibalism: Bronco to Medina… el ‘chamaco’ to Bronco . Aguas ‘chamaco’ you are (sic) too young to get between the legs of horses!!!”.

What did Fox mean to Samuel García —33 years old— with that “you are too young to get between the legs of horses?” What should a possible revenge of the Bronco have measured? What does the one who takes hold? That the Medina-Bronco-Samuel chain could be continued by García’s successor in 2027?

A separate warning, any observer of politics in Nuevo León, starting on October 3 of last year when Samuel García Sepúlveda sat in the royal chair for the first time in the company of his wife, the influencer Mariana Rodríguez Cantú, has watched as It has been deteriorating the relationship between the population of New Leon and its inexperienced ruler. He and his youthful spouse will also have perceived that governing goes beyond tik-tok, phospho-phospho, instagram, dressing up as a princess to enter the government palace.

Because it turns out that governing, what is called governing, is more difficult than what the jovial couple imagined. An example: Nuevo León is among the states of the Republic with the highest rate of femicides. That of Debanhi Escobar drew the attention of the entire country due to the lurid nature of the case and provoked the protest of multiple groups of women to which, initially, Mariana Rodríguez wanted to join her voice, who was rejected with the slogan: “Mariana is not ally because she is well-to-do”. In an intelligent way, the first lady from New Leon distanced herself from the subject. The one who did, given the bizarre nature of the case and the tangled investigation, had to show his face was Samuel. The case wore down the figure of the state president.

Recently, the governor presented a project to address the crisis of lack of water that Monterrey and the entire entity are going through. In one of his videos, García Sepúlveda showed his cell phone while saying: “Yesterday they sent me (sic) on networks: First without water and now without electricity. And I don’t want to show you the following story (sic) because they call me (sic) the mother but tasty: ‘Inga your mother’, Samuel. I hold rod. Because I know we’re going to fix this and I know it’s not our fault. There’s the Bronco, there’s the (sic) that the mother must mention. But nothing happens, we endure rod. Because now it turns out that it is also my fault that there is no (sic) light. Now the aforementioned mother also reaches me because there is no electricity, as if I manage (sic) CFE. And now it turns out that the mentioned mother is because there is no water as if it is my turn (sic) to supply water, well no gentlemen. The water supply falls to Conagua. The electricity supply falls to the CFE. (I have to make speeches with good syntax).

Regarding the water that does not reach the state and given the forecast of rains due to the hurricanes that are affecting the country and that could cause it to rain in the state during the weekend, Samuel García asked the inhabitants of Nuevo León: “take candles so that strong precipitations arrive”.

I am writing this on Monday and I know that unfortunately it did not rain in the state. As the method of the candles did not work, Mariana and Samuel could try, dress up as Gualagüises, pre-Hispanic inhabitants of the entity, and to the sound of the chirimía and the teponaztli, sing and dance the rain dance with the following lyrics: Que It rains, it rains, without pauses and without respite, Mariana sings them to them, Samuel even dances for them. Yes, no, let it rain in Nuevo León.

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