The rains are approaching La Plata and so the weather will continue

The local Hydrometeorology Directorate announced that after a sunny and hot day the rains will come to La Plata and the region. The specialists remarked that a drop in temperature and north wind with gusts are expected. The minimum will be 17 ° C and the maximum 23 ° C.

“In La Plata, a warm, partially cloudy environment is expected. Windy from the northeast. It will continue windy from the north with gusts until early Thursday morning, moderate rainfall is expected. Friday temperature drop in good weather “, reported from the Commune on Twitter.

For its part, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) coincided with these forecasts and forecast that these climatic conditions will extend from early morning until Thursday night.

For Friday, meanwhile, They indicated that it will be somewhat cloudy to clear with moderate winds from the south and east. A fresh morning is expected but one that will improve for the afternoon. The temperature will oscillate between 16 ° C and 31 ° C.

According to the specialists, by Saturday the sky will be cloudy with moderate winds from the east. The thermometer will show a minimum of 17 ° C and a maximum of 28 ° C.

The bad news is that isolated rains and storms could arrive in La Plata by Sunday. The sky will be cloudy throughout the day and the winds will blow from the northeast. The minimum will be 20 and the maximum 27 ° C.

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