The RBB control committee is looking for a fresh start: new chairwoman of the RBB broadcasting council

On Thursday, the Broadcasting Council of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) wants to give itself a future, at least in terms of personnel. The committee will elect the chair and deputy chair. According to Tagesspiegel information, there are two candidates: Ralf Roggenbuck as boss, Anja-Christin Faber as his deputy.

Civil Servants Association and State Music Council

It can be seen that Roggenbuck and Faber will strengthen the “Märkish element” in the supervisory body. Roggenbuck represents the German Civil Servants Association in Berlin and the German Civil Servants Association in Brandenburg, but in fact the Brandenburg part. His term of office will probably be rather short, according to the regulations of the RBB state contract, a Berlin civil servants’ association representative would have to sit on the broadcasting council from 2023.

The candidate for the deputy, Anja-Christin Faber, sits on the Broadcasting Council for the State Women’s Council Berlin eV and the Women’s Political Council Brandenburg eV.

The election is necessary because the previous chair of the 29-member body, Friederike von Kirchbach, had resigned in the context of the affairs surrounding the dismissed director Patricia Schlesinger and Dietmar Pienkny had stepped in as acting chair. Pienkny has already stated that he will no longer be a member of the new Broadcasting Council.

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