The real reason why Eduin Caz was hospitalized

Eduin Caz He aroused great concern in his fans after a video circulated where he appeared lying on a stretcher, while being taken out of an ambulance. The surprise was that the images appeared shortly after he made a presentation with the Firm Group in Mexico City.

The events took place last Saturday, May 7, after the concert they gave the day before at the Foro Sol. The stadium was packed, as thousands of people were able to see the 27-year-old singer and sing along with him.

Before the unexpected news of his hospitalization, rumors began to spread that it could be a cardiac arrest or an overdose. For this reason, the interpreter of “Ya supérame” spoke about it.


Eduin Cazares, the artist’s real name, used his Instagram account to clarify the situation. He explained that it was a high alcohol consumption, but that it was complicated by a hiatal hernia that he has had for a long time.

I drank a lot because I was angry.” he stated on the broadcast. “I got drunk. Besides, those who follow me know that I have a hiatal hernia that they told me that the taker had to control it, until it was cancelled. And that day, well, I completely forgot”.

What happened is that the Grupo Firme vocalist was very concerned about the possibility of canceling the concert that took place on Friday. Due to the weather conditions, the organizers put a lot of obstacles on him, but he did not want to disappoint his fans.

It rained completely, very badass, hail fell. But imagine having the responsibility of more than 50 thousand people and, really, I don’t like to cancel events. That was the most likely thing that was going to happen“, he claimed.

Despite the refusals, Grupo Firme agreed to perform without fireworks, sparks, lights and projectors, in order to give the show. For this reason, due to stress and, subsequently, being able to perform the concert, Eduin lost his drinks. Which caused him to break down.


The singer assured that he already felt that his stomach was burning from the day before, but after the concert, he ate something that did not suit him so well.

I left the show and there is a lady who makes us eat to get off the plane. We were eating birria. It was too much for my body”, he stressed.

Although they already felt the discomfort, after dinner they returned to the hotel to continue the celebration with their friends and family.

I sent for champagne, but I couldn’t even open them”, he said as he showed the untouched bottles, “When I got to the hotel I had a pain like in my heart and in my back. That I fell and collapsed”.

The ambulance soon arrived to take him to a hospital where he was given pain medication.


He assured that he was hoarse due to the acidity “it burned everything inside”. His doctors recommended him to follow a strict diet, not to drink coffee, not to consume things that cause reflux such as tomatoes and pizza.

In addition, more studies must be carried out to know the state of your stomach.


Eduin Caz also did not stop speaking about the accusations that he had suffered a cardiac arrest or that it was an overdose.

They say they have contact with people from my team, so tell me their names so I can fire them, because they are giving them wrong information.”.

Finally, he stated that he enjoyed drinking alcohol very much, but that drugs were not his thing.

Don’t suck, I don’t use drugs wey. I like pistear machin, but I don’t use drugs. So don’t be fooled”.

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