The reason why Israel Jaitovich's program will go off the air

The reason why Israel Jaitovich’s program will go off the air

At the end of 2023. Más Noche celebrated its 15th anniversary (Twitter/@MasNocheOf)

The program More night same that is produced by Israel Jaitovich could have reached the end of its transmissions after 15 years, after the premiere of the second season of talk show at night but without sleep hosted by Adrián Uribe, who was placed in the programming of The stars at 11:00 p.m.

More night is one of the programs that has been on the air for the longest time within Televisa, even with name changes such as Desmadruga2, Estrella2 and Double Sensethe broadcast has always had the same format, with famous guests and a series of short comedies.

The program is hosted and produced by Israel jaitovichwho is also director of the channel Comedy District which can be tuned by cable signal. The broadcast could say goodbye to programming after 15 years of history, this due to the integration of the Adrián Uribe show, at night but without sleepat 11 p.m. on Saturdays, the same in which it was customary to broadcast More night.

Jaitovich has not commented on the matter, however he was the driver René Franco who released an audio from the producer mentioning the reasons for his departure, which are undoubtedly due to the arrival of the second season of the Late Night, but it is also a decision of the owner of the program due to the multiple projects in which it is located.

The program is hosted and produced by Israel Jaitovich (Twitter/@MasNocheOf)
The program is hosted and produced by Israel Jaitovich (Twitter/@MasNocheOf)

“Having 15 and a half years of the program is a great blessing, but at the same time It is something that does not allow you to explore other horizons” Israel Jaitovich is heard saying in the recording presented by Rene Franco during his radio program Box Office. The producer said he was about to launch a comedy show on the cable channel he directs, which is recognized as one of the most watched within its genre.

Más Noche will have a couple more broadcasts within the Distrito Comedia channel, this It will be one of the programs that were previously recorded. Neither the channel nor the producer of the broadcast have ruled on whether there will be a formal farewell after 15 years of transmission on Saturday night programming on the stellar channel of Televisa.

It has even been speculated that the program would only come out of The stars during the duration of the second season of At night but without sleep, counting on transmission only by cable signal, to return to the usual programming as soon as the premiere chapters of the show of Adrian Uribe they are finished Something that would only cut the uninterrupted time that he had on the open television channel, but that would allow him to continue adding to the history of the program.

The program had its last broadcast on an open signal on Saturday, March 11 (Twitter/@MasNocheOf)
The program had its last broadcast on an open signal on Saturday, March 11 (Twitter/@MasNocheOf)

Journalist Juan Jose Origel He commented on the subject during the first days of March in his column Life and Miraclesalthough he only handled it as a rumor, noting that Israel Jaitovich andHe hoped to continue recording Más Noche until the end of 2023something that could not be after the projects that were presented to the driver.

LThe last broadcast of the program on open television was on March 11, although this is deferred, since the premiere is every Wednesday in a restricted signal. It will be from March 18 when the premiere of the second season of Adrián Uribe’s talk show, which was broadcast at first on Mondays in the comedy bar that the channel has, but that Given the success it had, it was decided to make the time change.

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