The reason why Viviana Canosa could not keep her promise

During yesterday afternoon, hundreds of followers of Viviana Canosa They were surprised to see that the presenter did not start the live on Instagram, which she had promised them for this week, which raised some alerts. However, the former host of “Viviana con Vos” quickly went to her networks to explain the reason for her absence.

“Thank you very much to you and everyone. I have an unbearable pharyngitis, so I owe them the living. i miss them so much too”, he affirmed Viviana Canosa to a user who commented: “You are missed, woman of the town.” It is worth clarifying that last Wednesday, she had stated that during this week she had planned to do a live show where she planned to “talk about everything”.

The driver is sick and that is why she did not perform her live on Instagram,

Thus, the meeting between Viviana Canosa and its publication was postponed indefinitely but with the promise of the driver that there will be more news soon. “I miss you and I really want to connect with you,” he said in last week’s message.

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