The reasons of Deportes Tolima to demand the first leg against Nacional

In the middle of the first leg of the Colombian League between Nacional and Deportes Tolima in Medellín, the Pijao team informed the public that they were playing under protest due to the situation surrounding Giovanni Moreno, a Verdolaga soccer player who played the final minutes at the Atansio Girardot.

The Vinotinto y Oro club announced that they demanded the party and that they would enforce the regulationshaving as one of the implications in favor the request for the points of the match played in Medellín (3-1).

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After almost 24 hours of the match, the Ibagué team presented the reasons why they made that decision. It is worth mentioning that Giovanni Moreno had been sanctioned with two dates after the game with Millonarios in Bogotá, for provocation of the fans of the western stand of El Campín. However, Nacional appealed and the Dimayor Committee decided to suspend said sanction.

Reasons for Deportes Tolima to demand the final

John Moreno had to serve the sanction of two dates from June 16

– The sanction was notified on June 15, 2022, which means that it has legal effects from 24 hours after its notification; namely, starting June 16.

– The match between National and Junior of June 15 does not count as part of the fulfillment of the sanction. And therefore it did not comply with the budget of article 42 to request the suspension of the sanction.

– In yesterday’s game, June 22, the player was lined up and played, precisely in theThe date on which he would be serving the first date of his sanction.

– This is nothing different than that he incurred an offense punishable by loss by withdrawal or resignation, leaving yesterday’s match at zero-three (0-3) in favor of Tolima.

– The Championship Disciplinary Committee has a unique opportunity to restore credibility and confidence in sports justice that will do so much good for our competitions.

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