The region opens up for drop-in vaccination against covid-19

From the first of September, a national initiative will start so that more people can get vaccinated against covid-19. Then, in addition to the booked times, the regions will also open up for drop-in. They are mainly aimed at people who are over 65 or people who have a weaker immune system.

– We see that the elderly and those with weakened immune systems have poorer protection. It doesn’t matter how many doses you took before, as long as it’s been four months since you took the last dose, says infectious disease doctor Malin Bengnér.

No new dose for healthy people

However, there is no need to give more doses to people who feel healthy.

– If you have taken three doses and are healthy, you have good protection against becoming seriously ill, so there is therefore no need for these people to top up with a dose. However, those who have their own wishes and a special reason can get an extra dose, she says.

Looks different in the county

Which days or which times it will be possible to drop-in will look different in the county. At the moment there is no plan for what it will look like, it will be specified later on the Region’s website.

Below, the Public Health Agency tells about an increase in the number of covid cases.

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Anneli Carlander, head of unit at the Public Health Agency, about the increased spread of infection. Photo: SVT

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