The reinforcements that Colo Colo could not close in the transfer market

Colo Colo finished the closing of the pass book without adding any reinforcement for this second semester that is living the National Championship with Chilean soccer. It is undoubtedly a complex situation considering that Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image he was asking for two reinforcements specifically a couple of months ago.

Finally, he will have to settle for facing the contest with which he is leading the tournament with what he has in the conformation of his squad, to go in search of a new title that allows him to directly enter the competition of International tournaments.

Nevertheless, There were several names that were hanging around the vicinity of the Monumental Stadium, but that, after all, none arrived and left the albos with their arms crossed waiting for new incorporations.

It is a product of this situation that we will review the more specific names that had the opportunity to arrive at the Cacique and that finally, none were specified for this second semester of the Chilean soccer competition.


The Bolivian forward was one of the main cards for the Colocolino coach to assume the position of nine in the Cacique. Cruzeiro’s scorer, in the last moments, made the determination to stay in the Brazilian club trying to save the blue team from relegation and not fall to Serie C in Brazil.

Marcelo Moreno Martins preferred to continue in Cruzeiro. (Photo: Getty Images)


The historic footballer of the Chilean Selection He was not considered by his coach at Real Valladolid in Spain, after being relegated to the second division. The player was looking for options to continue in Europe, but given the null option of continuing his sports career in the old continent, the Chief’s interest appeared. Finally, his high salary and the years of contract that the footballer was asking for, they ended up not closing their signing to end up at the Catholic University.

Fabián Orellana ended up signing at the Catholic University. (Photo: Getty Images)


The Brazilian footballer was perhaps one of the closest to being on his arrival in Colo Colo. The forward of the Plaza de Colonia showed his desire to wear the shirt of the popular team on more than one occasion, but that as the days went by the negotiations ended up falling apart. This, product of it was the coach himself who lowered his thumb upon arrivalConsidering that, after what happened with Moreno Martins, the Cacique’s technician requested the arrival of Orellana, which did not end up either.


The national footballer is not adding a good continuity with Corinthians in Brazil. His name was brought closer to the Cacique, and despite the fact that the footballer was seduced by this opportunity to have a greater string of minutes, His representatives sought him accommodation in European football, preventing his arrival in Colo Colo.

Representatives of Angelo Araos sought accommodation for him in Europe. (Photo: Getty Images)


The Argentine striker who had everything closed with Colo Colo in the last hours, ended up deciding that he will not arrive at the Cacique. In the latter, this problem was generated, where the albos stood idly by after the player communicated to the board his intention not to come to the white box as a result of personal decisions that led him to change his mind on the matter. Later, it became known that when everything was agreed with the forward, his representatives demanded more money which ended by not closing his signing.

Facundo Ferreyra did not arrive at Colo Colo for personal reasons. (Photo: Getty Images)

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