The remarkable chascarro de Soto in his first conference

Bryan Soto will surely never forget this day, since for the first time in his young career he was present in the conference room of the Monumental Stadium to anticipate what will be the Colo Colo duel against Everton tomorrow on the 21st date of the tournament.

At the meeting, the youthful Albo stated that “We are focused on tomorrow’s game, doing our best to score the three points (…) We are working. Today we fine-tune the last details of the match. We review videos and we are working in the best way to leave the three points and continue adding ”.

In addition, he valued the contribution that the Albo seedbed has made for this 2021 season: “We are very happy with the confidence that the coaching staff has given us. Every time my teammates have touched me, we have responded ”.

“I am very happy to add minutes and to be able to contribute to the group. We are working on tomorrow’s game, adding the three points and escaping a little more in the table (…) There is always a lake to improve on a day-to-day basis. I’m surrounded by pressure from the position I play in. The coaching staff helps me to correct my mistakes and keep growing “added.

Finally, he was grateful to have Iván Morales back in the team, who could not play in the last games as he was summoned to the Chilean team. “We are happy that Iván has returned from the Chilean team. We are very happy with the moment you are living. He is ready and 100% for tomorrow’s game “, he concluded.

However, the best came at the end, since before the closing of the broadcast he was consulted by the Colo Colo press team how he felt in his first conference, which he received a remarkable response from the youthful albo.

The Cacique will face Everton tomorrow, Tuesday, September 14 from 7:00 p.m. at the Monumental Stadium, in a good opportunity to stretch the advantage to five points with his closest pursuers.

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