The remarkable Superclassic that Cristofebril lived surrounded by blues

Colo Colo achieved greatness in the Superclásico 190 of Chilean football and it was an ungrateful visit for the U in El Teniente de Rancagua, winning categorically 3-1 on this 22nd date of the 2021 National Championship.

One who experienced a more than special match was the renowned rnational implement Cristopher Espinoza, better known as Cristofebril, who, as has been customary in these kinds of meetings, gave the Cacique’s initial training on the club’s official social networks.

It turns out that a Cristopher gave him a ticket for the game, but in the Andes sector, where there were only fans of the U. They had told him that he was going to enter the Pacific sector anyway, but at the end of that nothing and he had to see the triumph albo surrounded by opposing fans, and of course, with the fear that someone would recognize him.

“I am alive (laughs). He was more thrown than Private Ryan. They did not let me leave the Andes and I had to stay there, with my dreadlocks anchored and with these dark glasses so that he would not recognize me “, started laughing Cristofebril, who watched the game with the colocolina Nicole Atenea Nazar, better known as DJ Athena.

There the rapper affirmed to our site that “I couldn’t shout the shit goals, it was wrong. We knew how to hide, and that we were surrounded by chunchos. We gave them a dance, to say that at one point the U fans themselves began to insult their players ”.

Cristofebril had to keep the festivities to himself as he was surrounded by U fans. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

“I have everything recorded with the fans leaving before the end of the game. The carabinieri had more stamina at the end (laughs). It was all very exciting. I was wearing a blue jacket and thank goodness they didn’t recognize me. Arellano was with us, I don’t count it twice. It was the last dawn in that part “, he concluded.

With this victory, the Cacique reached 43 points at the top of the tournament and took five lengths away from Unión La Calera, eight from Universidad Católica and Audax Italiano, and ten from Universidad de Chile.

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