The reparatory measures ordered by the court that sentenced Etchecolatz and Garachico

The Federal Oral Court 1 of La Plata sentenced the former Buenos Aires police officers to life in prison this Friday Miguel Osvaldo Etchecolatz Y Julio Garachico for crimes against humanity committed against seven people in the clandestine detention center known as “Pozo de Arana” and ordered a series of reparatory measures that had been requested by the prosecution and the complaints.

These measures were announced during the reading of a sentence that generated controversy and discomfort among relatives and victims of the dictatorship, who considered it disappointing that the judges did not frame the crimes in the framework of a genocide or reverse the house arrest that one enjoys. of the damned.

In the first place, the court exhorted the Buenos Aires Executive Power to affect the Arana Detachment, where the Pozo de Arana clandestine detention center operatedwhich is still under the orbit of the Buenos Aires Police, to make it a Memorial Site.

Secondly, forwarded copies of testimonies to the investigating court so that excavations can be carried out in the place where the former La Armonía ranch operated, that is, the 7th Regiment of La Plata, in search of possible clandestine burial sites. In addition, the court entrusted the National Executive Power with its signaling as a memory site.

Thirdly, he ordered that a copy of the sentence to the Faculty of Fine Arts of La Plata to pay tribute to its former students Patricia Dell Orto and the student Francisco López Muntaner.

Lastly, also made available to the complaints the testimonies that refer to possible crimes committed by the management of the Peugeot company in the kidnapping of Alejandro Sánchez for further investigation.

The judges sentenced the repressor Etchecolatz, who is already serving another 8 life sentences, to life in prison, and former police officer Julio César Garachico for the kidnapping and torture of seven people in the former clandestine center of Pozo Arana, including the bricklayer Jorge Julio Lopezand the murders of 4 of those victims, among whom is Francisco Lopez Muntanerone of the kidnapped students in the episode known as The Night of the Pencils.

“Miguel Osvaldo Etchecolatz is sentenced to life imprisonment as co-author of the homicide qualified by treachery, for having been committed with the premeditated concurrence of two or more persons to the detriment of Norberto Rodas and Alejandro Sánchez; the illegitimate deprivation of liberty committed by public official, aggravated by repeated threats on 2 occasions and application of torments to Rodas and Sánchez”, said the president of the Court, Andrés Basso, when reading the verdict.

Garachico, meanwhile, was sentenced for the murder of Patricia Dell Orto, Marco Ambrose Y Norbert Rhodesand the illegitimate deprivation of liberty and application of torture to Patricia Dell Orto, Ambrose of Marco, Norbert Rhodes, Alexander Sanchez, Francisco Lopez Muntaner, William Cano Y Jorge Julio Lopez.

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