The Repu celebrates its 70 years full of activities

On a special birthday for the emblematic Gonnet estate, which reaches 70 years of age, the people of La Plata will be able to enjoy various educational and recreational proposals. The festivities will begin at 9 o’clock with the raising of the flag in the Plaza de las Américas of the property and the discovery of a plaque in commemoration of 70 years, at 9:30 the planting of seven jacaranda trees will be carried out at the access to the Repu and at 10 an Anniversary Mass. In the same way, with a model, documentation and photos related to the history of the park, the Commune will inaugurate the historical archive of the property, where the writer Néstor Lazzaro will present his book; and to this will be added several days of celebration that will include outings for the whole family on the historic ship that was renovated again.

To commemorate the anniversary, following an educational proposal that encourages animal welfare, the Municipality also organized, a day of vaccination and deworming for dogs and cats that will take place from 9 to 12. During it, the artist Manuel Sahuet will present an exhibition of sculptures on animal consciousness, with pieces made with recycled materials; and the Mobile Library of Editorial La Comuna will be located.

“We are very excited because we are approaching a special date, such as the 70th anniversary of the Republic of Children, one of the places most loved by the people of La Plata, a true symbol of the city and a fundamental part of our identity “, said the mayor Julio Garro, and added: “In recent years we have worked hard to make the Repu beautiful, which in previous administrations had been quite forgotten. Buildings were restored, LED lighting was placed throughout the premises, the gastronomic corridor was restored to life, with all the impact that this has on the generation of jobs, and the educational project was recovered, adding workshops and cycles for the boys and girls. Thanks to all this, in 2018 it was the most visited theme park in the country ”.

For his part, the Secretary of Culture and Education of the Municipality, Martiniano Ferrer Chopped, he assured that “after 20 years, this management carried out the comprehensive enhancement of the International Doll Museum, as well as the renovation of all the exhibits of the cultural space”, while advancing: “A new anniversary is the best opportunity to reopen the Museum and inaugurate the Official Radio of the Republic of Children and an accessible plaza, with all inclusive games “.

Continuing with a celebration that seeks to raise awareness among children, from 13 to 16 the Municipality will set up a green recycling space, the “Mundo Nuevo” science space and the Ombudsman’s Office. Meanwhile, from 6 pm in the Amphitheater, the show of Paw Patrol, Luz Gaggi Next to the Symphonic and Choral grouping of the Berisso School Orchestra and a closing at full speed with Apolo. The characters of Batman and the Spiderman They will also join the celebration to greet and take pictures with the little ones.

It is worth noting that the celebrations for the anniversary of the Repu will continue all weekend. On Saturday, November 27, they will continue with “Caminando La Plata”, a photographic tour throughout the Republic to which those interested can register by calling (221) 596-8963; a walking tour by the property; a meeting of Playful Art; a Municipal Art workshop, between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm; and a closure to all music, from 17, with local bands Apathetic mushroom, Alto Bandon and The Joystick Band.

For its part, on Sunday 28 from 8, the Conin Marathon will be run; at 10 there will be Taekwondo classes; at 14, a kermesse; at 4 pm, the Municipal Plastic and Comedy Workshop of the Municipal Art Workshop School; and from 14 to 17:45, at the Casa del Niño, a Chess Tournament. The anniversary day will end at the Amphitheater with the Pochoclo y Cía show (from 3 pm), a comprehensive show of humor, magic, giant balloons and imitations; And it will continue at 6 pm with Circo Sincamarín, where funny clowns will share their circus skills and madness with all their audience, in exchange for laughter and applause.

It is important to remember that from Friday 26 to Sunday 28, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the educational workshops “Tales with Identity” will be held at the Palace of Justice; “Deputies in the Repu”, in the Legislature; and “Games for Rights”, at the Central Railway Station; thus a virtual tour in the historical archive.

Finally, it was reminded that, from 10 to 20, the public can enjoy the usual attractions of the Children’s Republic, such as the gastronomic circuit, the rides, the plane and the boat; as well as a local artisan fair behind the farm, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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