The results Chile needs for this triple date

A special week is the one that the Chilean National Team will have with two fundamental commitments. Next Thursday the national team will have to receive a visit from Brazil at the Monumental Stadium, where even Brazilian journalists have been amazed by the Pedrero compound and the house that Colo Colo has.

As a result of these commitments that lie ahead for those led by Martín Lasarte, scoring points on this triple date has become essential for our selected teams. It is important to consider that after this match against the Brazilians, they will have to go as a visitor to Ecuador and Colombia, respectively.

Chile is currently in seventh position in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, adding a total of six points, being two units from the direct qualifying positions to the World Cup event. It is because of this situation that the fans begin to reckon with the favorable results for our team.

It will always be important for Chile to score the three points against Brazil this Thursday. But, if not, a tie between Bolivia and Colombia in La Paz, it would not be all bad for the high plateaux not to surpass the Chilean National Team in the standings. Also, with the duel that Ecuador and Paraguay will have, so that both do not take too much distance in the table.

Already on the second date, It is important to consider that Paraguay and Colombia can add equality. Meanwhile, Bolivia will be measured as an outsider against Uruguay where it is expected that the highlands add a unit and, expect a tie between Peruvians and Venezuelans in Lima.

Finally, for the third date, when Chile can add points in Barranquilla, a victory for Venezuela over Paraguay in Asunción is expected.. That Charruas and Ecuadorians sign an equality and that Argentina and Brazil add the three points before their rivals, which will be Bolivia and Peru, respectively.

Chilean National Team Arturo Vidal Brazil

Chile looking up to climb positions in the Qualifiers. (Photo: Getty Images)


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