The revelations of a Russian dissident: “I escaped an assassination attempt in France last week”

Vladimir Oseshkin, a 41-year-old Russian dissident, said he “escaped an assassination attempt in France last week”.

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Un opponent of the well-known Russian regime says he escaped an assassination attempt in France last week. Vladimir Oseshkin (41) recounts having helped a soldier from the Moscow army to escape to France last month. According to M.Oseshkin, the deserter was shot dead in his residence in Biarritz by a man linked to the Russian security service FSB.

Vladimir Oseshkin revealed these facts, which go back a week, on the YouTube channel of Russian journalist Yulia Latynina, who also fled the Putin regime. “I was ‘warned’ by a man who allegedly traveled to Biarritz from Russia and who has links with the FSB and criminal organisations,” he said.

“I had barely had dinner with my family when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red dot moving in my direction over the balcony railing,” he explains. Before continuing: “We then immediately turned off all the lights and lay down on the ground. »

Confirmation awaited

When the Russian opponent lowered the shutters, took his wife and children to safety in a secure room, he called the police. Neighbors reportedly heard gunshots. But it is still unknown if a suspect has been found. Mr. Oseshkin says he could not divulge more information as the investigation is ongoing. In addition, confirmation from the French authorities is still awaited.

Oseshkin is the founder of the alert website, an organization which last year released documents showing that torture and rape were commonplace in Russian prisons. Vladimir Oseshkin himself defected in 2015. He was also the one who helped paratrooper Pavel Filatyev escape to France last month after making international headlines criticizing the Russian military.

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