The Rings of Power: 2 weeks of filming to film this short fight

That’s the magic of editing! In episode 2 of the Rings of Power, the fight between Theo and Orc was filmed for 2 weeks. In the end, only 2 minutes were kept in the final cut as the actor explains.

Image 1: The Rings of Power: 2 weeks of filming to film this short fight
Several versions were considered © Amazon Studios

Season 1 finished Rings of Power reveals all its secrets. After the intense training of the interpreter of Galadryel, return to one of the action scenes of episode 2 of this series Prime Video. During this fight, Theo, played by Tyroe Muhafidin, repels a very aggressive orc.

Lasting just 2 minutes, this moment demanded no less 2 weeks of shooting as reported by his interpreter!

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A short fight that required a lot of rushes

Image 2: The Rings of Power: 2 weeks of filming to film this short fight
The series delivers the secrets of its season 1 © Amazon Studios

Two weeks of filming for 2 minutes of combat, editing does not forgive! Editors know the need to cut a long sequence to shorten it and create fluidity. Which requires to decide in the rushes.

Tyroe Muhafidin explains it perfectly: It’s a two-minute fight scene and it took us two weeks to shoot, which is pretty crazy. You know, they make it look very easy in the movies because they all do it so fast and so well. But it’s like we spent 10 months in the gym for this scene. It’s been changed a bunch of times. There’s a version where I was holding the orc’s neck. He had a chain wrapped around it and I was pulling his head into a pot of boiling water. It was one of the versions “.

But why did you keep only 2 minutes with all the rushes available? Again, Tyroe Muhafidin justifies this very well: “ We went through so many different styles of fight choreography. Just to think about what would be best for the entertainment but also for the camera, to have it all filmed. It was a really cool experience, going through that stuff. I was also hanging on to a harness, the worst part of filming because it’s not comfortable. But yeah, that was pretty crazy because there was a lot of work to keep only very little “.

For the moment, it is not known when the season 2 of the Rings of Power. But Amazon already says it won’t be for now.

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