The Rings of Power: how the Dwarves were filmed to look smaller?

Robert Aramayo plays Elrond in The Rings of Power series. He explains to us how the scenes with the Dwarves were filmed so that they seem smaller next to him.

Durin IV in The Rings of Power ©Amazon Studios

Rings of Power features the many races of Middle-earth. In addition to Men, Elves and Harfoots, Dwarves are obviously present. We see them from the second episode when Elrond goes to Khazad-dûm to seek their help to set up a large forge commanded by Celebrimbor.

Elrond, however, does not expect such a cold reception. When he arrives, his old friend Prince Durin IV is angry because of his long absence. He then challenges him to a rock-breaking game in an overexcited atmosphere. Questioned by Vulture, the interpreter of Elrond, Robert Aramayo, returned to the underside of this powerful sequence. And to explain how the team had managed to make him look taller than the Dwarf.

The Dwarves in The Rings of Power: A Story of Perspective

Instead of using digital special effects, the actors in the background were positioned so that Elrond appeared taller. At the same time, the actors behind Durin IV (Owain Arthur) allowed the perception that he was of normal dwarf height. It is all the art of perspective which had already been put to good use during the filming of the trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

At the time, Jackson had effectively avoided relying exclusively on CGI to create the perception that some characters were bigger than others. However, he had relied much more on special effects during the production of the trilogy. The Hobbit. Which had not been well received by the most picky fans.

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