The robbery of the Thionis ice cream factory came to the trial of the Melazo mega gang

The robbery at the ice cream factory Thionis in the town of Ensenada, he appeared on stage in the oral trial that follows the former judge of Guarantees of La Plata, Cesar Melazo, accused of being the head of an illicit association made up of policemen, thieves, drug traffickers and assassins. For this fact they declared the owner of the company and the current Secretary of Security of Ensenada, who is a friend of the victim and at the time of the robbery, he was working as a councilman.

Diego Tioni He is the owner of the famous premium ice cream chain. The factory is located in San Martin and Don Bosco in the neighboring town. There, in the early hours of January 4, 2010, a criminal entered through the roof, disconnected the alarms, the telephones, the security cameras, seized a large sum of money for the time (about 250,000 pesos for the payment of providers), of the DVR device of the security cameras and escaped.

In his judicial account he confirmed the fact and that it was never clarified. His factory is located less than 200 meters from the First Police Station in Ensenada. For this fact, the then incumbent commissioner was denounced Jose Luis Paniagua and soon displaced from the sectional.

Another who declared was Martin Slobodian, friend of the businessman and current Secretary of Security of the town of Ensenada. He confirmed that a few days after the robbery he met with Juan Roberto Farias, former member of the murdered gang, who denied being the author of the robbery, promised to hand over the person responsible but never provided any identity. “Nobody was ever going to show up, I guess it was him,” the official said.

“He and his gang were specialists in this type of event, he always had prior information, he knew what he was going to look for,” he added, later recalling that Farías told him that to “work” in peace he was always “grateful” to him. commissioner of the jurisdiction “went to work” that is, to steal.

In relation to the robbery, he asserted that he “never” saw “progress in the investigation.” Regarding former judge Melazo, he maintained that he “always collaborated with the investigations, went personally to the raids and gave orders to the police personnel.”

Slobodián also recalled that he met Commissioner Panigua at least three times to consult him about the investigation of the robbery at the ice cream factory, but he always answered evasively.

Farías’ relationship with the commissioner was reflected in the judicial file that the prosecutor investigated betina lacki. It included part of a complaint made in internal Police affairs, identity reserved, in which it was stated that the robbery was committed by Juan Farías, and that he worked “for Paniagua, owner of Ensenada Primera.”

The complaint stated that days later, on January 15, 2010, he saw Farías’s red Minicooper car, and the latter drinking mate in the commissioner’s office. The judge specified that this complaint led to the displacement of the police chief and his transfer to another jurisdiction. “This fact reveals that Farías then handled himself with impunity and had close ties with the heads of different police stations (as I have been maintaining), as in this case with the head of the first Ensenada police station.”

In the oral trial that takes place in La Plata, the former chief commissioner appears on the list of defendants, along with Melazo Gustavo Bursztyn (until his capture he served in the Patrol Command); the official Gustavo Andres Gregorio Mena (already laid off for another reason); Adrian “Quichua” Manes (arrested for homicide); Charles Bertoni (brother of world champion soccer player); Carlos “Macha” Barroso Luna; Hector “Pepe” Vega; the former Gymnastics bar, Martin Ezequiel “Gaucho” Fernandez; Y Enrique Edgardo “Quique” Petrullo.

Meanwhile, in other related files, the former prosecutor awaits his future. Thomas Moranthe former judge of Cassation Martin Ordoqui and his former secretary, Eugenia Market.

According to research, the police officers Bursztyn, Mena and Chiusaroli freed the areas for the theft of cars, factories and marked houses, Bertoni helped with the stolen twin cars by setting up car accidents of the alleged members of the gang. The workforce, logistics, telephones and firearms were provided by Ronco, Yalet, Manes, Barroso Luna, Vega and Fernández..

Former police officer Mena and Manes sold drugs. If something went wrong in any of the coups, Gómez de Saravia was in charge of introducing false lines of investigation into the causes.through phone calls in which he pretended to be a federal prosecutor or judge to begin the path of impunity, always according to the prosecutor’s investigation betina lacki.

Meanwhile, Petrullo was the link to the then Buenos Aires Cassation Judge, Ordoqui, who, it is suspected, granted house arrests in exchange for large sums of money. The magistrate was dismissed and arrested.

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