The royal couple’s private farewell – here Letizia and Felipe leave Sweden

A kiss on Queen Silvia’s hand. And a delighted smile in response. Now the state visit is over and Felipe and Letizia are on their way home.

At 19.00 tonight, the response reception at the home of the Spanish ambassador was completed and the procession with the Swedish and Spanish royal couple went at high speed from the Royal Djurgården and out to Arlanda airport, escorted by a police helicopter. A distance of just over forty miles.

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Villa Byström Prince Carl's Palace The Royal Family reception the state visit

The royal limousine is waiting outside the Spanish ambassador’s residence in Prince Carl’s palace, or Villa Byström as it is also called.

Sara Friberg / The Royal Courts of Justice

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There then waited the official farewell ceremony, with the guard of honor, military orchestra and the Swedish delegation lined up on the red carpet.

But the royal couple’s farewell to the Spanish royal couple also took on a private character: Felipe is a king of the old school and he politely kissed Queen Silvia’s hand in farewell, entirely according to the old royal protocol. In response, he received a charming smile.

The Spanish royal couple said goodbye to Sweden

King Felipe Handkiss Queen Silvia

Sara Friberg / The Royal Courts of Justice

When the Swedish Lady had contact with the court at 20.30, the ceremony was over and King Felipe and Queen Letizia had just boarded the Spanish state plane, which took off shortly afterwards.

Letizia and Felipe had three nights in the suite at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm before it was time to go home tonight.

Royal Courts of Justice / Instagram

Only until midnight can Felipe and Letizia be at home in the Zarzuela Palace, located on the northwestern outskirts of Madrid. There, the Spanish royal family has their private residence in a 1,800 square meter pavilion called Pabellón del Príncipe, built in 2002.

And thus the point is set for this two-day long and intensive state visit, which began at the Royal Palace in Stockholm yesterday morning.

Sara Friberg / The Royal Courts of Justice

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Photo: TT, Royal Courts of Justice.

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