The royal family’s private midsummer – here they celebrate!

Swedish Lady can reveal how – and where – the royal family’s private midsummer party takes place.

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The midsummer pole is ready. The flowers picked, and the wreaths ready.

But above all: The whole royal family is gathered.

According to Svensk Damtidning’s informant, they are currently on Solliden on Öland – all sixteen: Eight adults and eight children.

The Midsummer party can begin!

The royal couple and Crown Princess Victoria with Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle

The royal couple arranges the midsummer celebration for the whole family.

Photo: Royal Courts of Justice / TT

The court’s information director Margareta Thorgren also confirms that the king keeps the traditions, also this year.

– They celebrate privately. But it will be a traditional midsummer celebration, she says to Svensk Dam.

And that means accordion, wreaths in the hair and dancing around the pole – just like when the royal children themselves were small. This year’s midsummer celebration is also extra important – because it is so incredibly rare that they can all be seen.

The king and queen in front of the midsummer pole on Solliden

The King and Queen in front of the midsummer pole at Solliden 2020.

Photo: Kungahuset / Instagram

The royal midsummer pole is usually erected on a meadow some distance from the castle, and everyone is helped to dress it. This year, Queen Silvia thus has seven small assistants: grandchildren Adrienne, 4, Gabriel, soon 5, Oscar and Alexander, 6, Nicolas, 7, Leonore, 8, and Estelle, 10.

Princess Leonore, Prince Alexander, Prince Gabriel, Prince Oscar, Prince Nicolas and Princess Adrienne.

Leonore, Alexander, Gabriel, Oscar, Nicolas and Adrienne. Only Estelle and Julian are missing from the picture.

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine, finally home from the United States.

Photo: Magnus Ragnvid / TT

Madeleine must live with Sofia – the king’s solution to the housing problem

For parts of the royal family, the summer holidays have also just begun. Only Crown Princess Victoria will continue to work for a while. Already on Monday, she will be in Portugal, for three intensive days during the UN conference that takes place in Lisbon and which completely focuses on the crisis for the world’s oceans.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia celebrate Midsummer

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia in beautiful midsummer wreaths.

Photo: Prinsparet / Instagram

Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / Royal Courts of Justice, TT, Prince Carl Philip / Royal Courts of Justice, The Prince and Princess / Instagram.

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