The royals’ dreamy engagement rings – the astonishing stories behind them

The royals' dreamy engagement rings - the astonishing story behind them

There was a lot of speculation surrounding Crown Princess Victoria’s engagement ring…

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An engagement ring worn by royalty becomes highly visible and scrutinized – the ring is not just a ring, it carries so much more in the form of a significant history….

The story behind Victoria’s engagement ring

On Valentine’s Day, Daniel Westling chose to get down on one knee and propose to his Victoria with a very special ring.

– It is a ring that means a lot to me, said the Crown Princess when the engagement was announced.

So what’s the story behind it?

The ring Victoria received was strikingly similar to the ring Silvia wore after the proposal. Even Victoria’s grandmother – Princess Sibylla, wore the same ring after her engagement.

It has therefore been passed down several times, which of course makes it very important to Victoria.

Prince William at Wembley – celebrating without Kate

Kate Middleton’s inherited special ring

Perhaps some of you recognize Kate Middleton’s incredible engagement ring. Where might we have seen it before?

The story is very touching…

It was first worn by Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother who died in a very tragic road accident in 1997. Diana’s ring was given new life when passed down to daughter-in-law Kate who wears it today.

Prince William explained the touching meaning behind the ring in connection with the engagement.

– I thought it was quite nice because she won’t be able to be here for all the fun and excitement – this is my way of letting her be involved in some way, Prince William said at the time of his late mother’s ring according to People.

Uncanny resemblance between Kate and Diana – new detail revealed

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