The sad historical coincidence of the earthquake that recently affected Mexico

yesterday afternoon a earthquake of magnitude 7.5 hit the Mexican state of Michoacán, which left one dead, according to the president of Mexico, Andrés López Obrador. The curious thing is that it happened on the same day as two other earthquakes that hit the area in the past.

The tremors started at 1:05 p.m. local time (3:05 p.m. in Argentina), 46 kilometers from the coastal town of Placita de Morelos at a depth of 15.1 kilometers. During that day, the evacuation drill is usually carried out -annually- because September 19, but in 1985, is the same date when the earthquake most powerful that Mexico suffered in its historywhich left a balance of tens of thousands of deaths and heavy damage in the infrastructure of the country.

“It’s the date, there’s something about the 19th that makes it a day to fear,” the owner of a store in the capital told The Guardian about the situation. An evacuation order was issued for the inhabitants of Mexico City while the United States tsunami warning system stated that there was a risk of strong waves near the coastssomething that happened after flood images came out in the city of Manzanillo.

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