The Saint vs. Demogorgon, an epic battle that lights up social networks

Season four of the Netflix series, “Stranger Things”, It has become a resounding success of the streaming platform.

In recent weeks, social networks have been flooded with comments about the plot, which has established itself as one of the most viewed.

Only 17 days after its premiere, the series is the most watched in the history of the English-language platform, a success that they did not think would come so quickly.

Just over 781 thousand hours have been accumulated by fanswhich are increasingly due to recommendations that go by word of mouth.

But this is not the only success that the fourth season accumulated, since in its first weekend it was placed as the most watched program on the platform.

The Saint vs. demogorgon

As part of the promotion of the fourth season, a brand of potato chips innovated in the market and launched a commercial in which the legendary Mexican wrestler, El Santo, face Demogorgon, the main monster of “Stranger Things”.

The son of the wrestling legend was the one who promoted this epic battle, Well, on his Instagram account, he announced the release of the video clip.

“During the 1980s, El Santo gave an exhibition tour of the United States; But when it was his turn to fight in the arena in the town of Hawkins, the fight took an unexpected turn. For years, the recordings were kept secret. Today, thanks to Flamin Hot, they are shown for the first time.”

narration of the commercial

This announcement reminded El Santo fans of several of his films, in which he fought against mummies, monsters and other types of creatures.

In the decades of the 60s and 70s, the fighter had great popularity, which led him to shoot several tapes, which innovated in the market.

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