The school plays heated up the debate in the Deliberative Council of La Plata

The ruling party and the opposition clashed strongly in the eighth session of the Deliberative Council for the use of the Educational Fund and infrastructure works in schools, just a while after high school students marched through the streets of the city to demand a solution.

The project that triggered the debate was a request for information from the councilor of the Frente de Todos, Sabrina Bastide, for the state of the works of the Kindergarten No. 912, in the town of Altos de San Lorenzo. “This garden is 57 years old and has been demolished for 6 years. Less than half of the enrollment of the boys and girls who went to that garden have classes at School No. 22 and today they had to celebrate the anniversary of their garden in a public school. Today they are studying in a small space, without the conditions for a garden to work, “explained the mayor who asked the Executive Department for explanations for the delay in the works that should have been completed in 2021.

“We found the work stopped and we don’t understand what is happening. It is important that, once and for all, the monitoring commission of the Educational Fund gets to work”added in claim of the conformation of that commission that was created but never conformed.

The president of the bloc Yanina Lambert, also asked for the floor and maintained that the mayor Julius Garro “He has been asking for municipal autonomy and that they give him control of the city’s schools, but he does not use the Educational Fund” assigned by the Province.

“The truth is that today the mayor has an important responsibility in terms of school infrastructure, through the School Council and the Educational Fund, he will receive more than 1,200 million pesos this year. With 50% of that fund that has to go to works of infrastructure. And this garden is the emblem of when things don’t work”he remarked and joined the request for the Educational Fund monitoring commission to be formed.

Councilor for Together, Romina Marascio, crossed the mayors in defense of Garro’s management and assured that the bureaucratic times of the Province are what delay the works. He asked the opposition “not to play politics” with education because, he remarked, “it is a great baseness.” “Are we going to enter into that political Chicana? To show the files of when we asked for approval from the Province and when it responded and we approved it? You do it, I have a clear conscience with my management,” she said bluntly.

In her turn, the mayor and former school counselor Belen Munoz He was in charge of explaining how the mechanism works to award a work and assured that the responsibilities for the delay correspond to the Province. He explained that, in the case of garden 912, the works are stopped because the General Directorate of Culture and Education did not authorize the redetermination of prices and, therefore, the Municipality cannot execute it. “Let’s see if they understand: the Municipality cannot carry out anything that the province does not authorize,” he said, raising his tone of voice and scolding them: “Let’s all go ask the General Directorate of Culture and Education to ask them to start working “. And he continued: “More than 20 buildings were made by the mayor with the Educational Fund in our city, how many did the Province make? Stop screwing around, they’re getting tired, let’s make the Province give us all the works that the city needs that we have the fund and the people to do it.

The crossovers did not end there. The councilor of the Front of All, Paula Lambertini, He stressed that the presidency of the School Council is in the hands of Together. “Just as they say in this room every time they have won the elections and have a majority, they also have a majority in the School Council and they must do what needs to be done. The schools do not have heating and those that do have, do not have glass in the windows, and we have to be ashamed”.

“Let’s work on a proposal that allows the School Council, whose president is of the same political persuasion as the mayor, to work better,” he launched. Immediately, the councilor of Together, Juan Manuel Martinez Garmendiareplied that the School Council is an “absolutely collegiate” management and pointed out that the treasurer “with a shared signature” belongs to the Front of All.


In the marathon session, the mayors approved the creation of the Special Commission for Legislative Update, whose objective will be the study, update, debugging, ordering and modification of the Municipal Digest rules and the Council’s Internal Regulations. The measure seeks to avoid regulatory overlapping, facilitating its knowledge and contributing to achieving greater legal certainty. The commission will be made up of 8 councilmen and women councillors, respecting the representation in each block for its composition. The regulatory update will include a gender perspective.

The body also voted to place a commemorative plaque in the Golden Room of the Municipal Palace in memory of Jorge Julio López on the 15th anniversary of his forced disappearance. And he also expressed his approval for the bills presented in the Buenos Aires Senate to modify electoral law 5,109 and change to the single paper ballot system.

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