The second accused of the group rape of a student from El Soberbio was arrested |  THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

The second accused of the group rape of a student from El Soberbio was arrested | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Saturday March 18, 2023 | 8:23 p.m.

Almost four months after the group rape of a 19-year-old student from the town of El Soberbio, a second suspect was arrested last Thursday afternoon.

This is Luis Adrián S. (28), who remains deprived of his liberty while the search for the third defendant, Jhon Ángel Matusalen H. (25), who is suspected to be in Brazil being helped by his relatives, continues.

Regarding the arrest of the second alleged abuser, it was officially learned that after obtaining information “about an unknown male person wandering through the Barrio Unido and the vicinity of provincial route 13” in the city of San Vicente, uniformed from the Division of Investigations and Dangerous Drugs of Regional Unit VIII stationed themselves in the area until they surrounded the subject near the cemetery.

In this context, when he was identified, he turned out to be the suspect wanted for the serious crime to the detriment of the student, who had been a fugitive from justice since December last year.

By order of the head of the Investigating Court 3 of San Vicente, he was transferred to the Custody and Transfer of Detainees Division where he will remain housed, after a medical examination, at the disposal of the El Soberbio Women’s Police Station.

It should be remembered that another of the suspects is Miguel Ángel R. (25), known as Colito, who spent a few days in hiding but decided to turn himself in to the authorities in the company of his lawyer. He continues to be detained and charged with sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access.

The provincial force reported that the search for John Ángel Matusalen H. (25) is now continuing, with the collaboration of the Brazilian Federal Police due to an international arrest warrant against the subject.

The attack in an apartment

As you are reporting The territorythe complaint was filed on Monday, December 5 of last year at the San Vicente Women’s Police Station, but according to the records, the rape occurred on Wednesday, November 30.

The victim is a resident of El Soberbio, as are the defendants, who are the children of people with some influence within the community. In this context, according to what she denounced, she was at a party that night with some of her friends when the accused drugged her, took her to an apartment and there they allegedly abused her. Then they left her in her apartment.

“She woke up in her place where she lives half unconscious and badly injured, all in pain and sought help. At the time she did not dare to file a complaint, but she finally did so in San Vicente because in El Soberbio she had no answers or help,” the mother had expressed. , lamenting that “in El Soberbio she went to the hospital accompanied by a police officer and there they did not give her an emergency prophylaxis kit as for these cases, but the doctor gave her a referral to be reviewed by the Forensic Medical Corps a week later” .

As soon as the case came to light, the photo of the young people denounced went viral and the unanimous request of the community is “that they not be covered up” because “if the act goes unpunished and the defendants go free, it can happen to any other daughter from town”.

In this sense, the young woman’s mother said that the defendants “have a similar background” and confirmed that they are the children of influential neighbors in the community. She even said that one of them has a sexually transmitted disease.

“These guys involved, guys they know, it’s not the first time they’ve done something like this, that’s why I felt desperate because there was no solution. My daughter had to go to another town to file a complaint,” said the woman, fearing that there is protection for the three suspects, beyond the help they receive from their relatives to stay in hiding.

When asked about the state of the young woman, the woman had expressed: “Imagine how my daughter is with everything that happened to her, the three of them took advantage of her, they did everything they did and nobody did anything.”

According to the mother, there is a fourth involved who supposedly did not participate in the outrage but was present and did not intervene to prevent the attack.

“Today it was my daughter’s turn and they ignored her because we are humble people, but tomorrow it could be another girl. I ask you not to be afraid, to report it so that you do not do more harm,” closed the complainant asking the community “to does not cover up” the accused.

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