The service station has the wrong fuel in the tank: 42 cars immobilized

A diesel tank was involuntarily filled with gasoline at a station in Nièvre, killing 42 motorists.

This is a great classic of the potential errors that can be made at a service station. When it is not the motorist who uses the wrong fuel, it is indeed the tank itself which can be filled with the wrong fuel.

Boost for the engines

This is what has just happened at the Avia service station in Cosne-sur-Loire, in the Nièvre, as related The Journal of the Center. Gasoline had been poured into the diesel tank, which caused a stir in the tanks of 42 customers.

Some cars broke down, others reacted a little better and were able to reach a garage or their home in time to get an oil change.

The morning after this misadventure, the tank was cleaned and filled with good fuel. The customer-victims of this error have all been identified: the full will be reimbursed in the form of vouchers and the repairs covered by Avia’s insurance, for a note estimated at 30,000 euros all the same.

What to do in case of error?

Bad luck for Avia, it is precisely the fact of putting gasoline in a Diesel vehicle which proves to be more harmful than the reverse, recalls on his blog. In any case, it is of course necessary to avoid making a mistake: if you realize an error, it is important not to start and carry out an emptying of the tank as soon as possible.

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