The "sex mafias" of the Aragua Train burned a young woman alive near the Plaza Dos de Mayo

The “sex mafias” of the Aragua Train burned a young woman alive near the Plaza Dos de Mayo

Two of May Square

An 18-year-old girl was cruelly attacked by a stranger in the surroundings of the Plaza Dos de Mayo, in the Cercado de Lima, the night of Saturday March 18. The victim was burned alive on Óscar Benavides avenue and his assailant would be a foreign national.

“They have burned a girl alive, we are calling the ambulance and they still have not come. She has been burned by a Venezuelan ”, a witness is heard saying in a video released by Callao Portal.

staff of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (MML) He went to the place to help the young woman. The victim, who would have suffered second and third degree burns in about 50% of his body, he has been receiving medical attention in the Archbishop Loayza Hospital.

The woman’s mother pointed out that her daughter left her house in the afternoon with another young man, as reported Successful Radio. “When people were screaming there I realized (…) It has taken a while, the young woman was burning for around ten minutes or more than fifteen minutes. They went to look closely and realized that she, yes, she was a girl, ”a neighbor from the sector told the aforementioned outlet.

It was learned that the young woman’s family requested the municipality of Lima to provide the security camera images from the surrounding streets where the attack took place. Meanwhile, the Depincri of Barrios Altos The investigative procedures are already being carried out to find those responsible for this brutal aggression.

A few days ago, the Brigade Against Foreign Crime of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) dealt a hard blow to one of the gangs linked to ‘Los Gallegos’ from the ‘Tren de Aragua’, by arresting Eglismar Andreína Reyes Sojo (19), aka ‘Andrea’of Venezuelan nationality and presumed leader of the criminal organization.

According to PNP investigations, this mafia operated between the shreds of Cañete, Chancay and ‘Andrea’, it was dedicated to charge quotas to transgender sex workers. Ángela Villón, an activist in defense of sex workers, said that at least 80 people who work sex have been murdered in the last 12 months.

‘Sex mafias’ scare foreign and transgender prostitutes

In Lynx, The Police managed to dismantle a criminal organization that would have control of collection of quotas to the whores of the Risso area and Arequipa avenue in Lince. “They had set up a monitoring center with which they observed the prostitutes when they attended the customer and when they entered the hotel. When they left, they were going to charge the prostitute 50 soles,” said Police Colonel Marco Conde Cuéllar, head of the Dirincri Robbery Investigation Division.

The band called ‘The Valencians’ It was made up of the Peruvian Adrián Sicche Avellaneda, alias ‘Adriancito’, 20 years old; the Venezuelan Jhonatan Abrahan Arnao Ruiz, 19 years old; and the Colombian Sebastián Muñoz Moncada, 34 years old. They were captured at the intersection of Petit Thouars avenue with Risso street, in the Lince district.

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