The shock for SVT: The Swedish artist is forced home from Eurovision – just hours before broadcast

Now SVT announces that the Swedish artist will miss Eurovision in Turin.

After the commercial: Cornelia Jakobs joy collapse after winning the Melodifestivalen


Tonight it’s time for the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, and the excitement is great!

The idea was that director Edward af Sillén and artist Linnea Henriksson would comment on the broadcasts for the entire Swedish people – but now SVT is forced to make a lightning change.

Linnea has tested positive for covid-19, writes Melodifestivalen in a press release.

Linnea Henriksson misses the semi-finals of Eurovision

“On departure from Sweden, Linnea tested negative for Covid19, but a quick test after arriving in Turin gave a positive answer,” writes SVT in the press release.

“A new, official test has been done which shows negative, but Linnea Henriksson travels home again and does not participate in the semifinal broadcasts.”

Edward will thus complete the two semi-finals on his own, and then Linnea will join in the final on Saturday.

Cornelia Jakobs competes in semifinal 2

On Thursday, it’s time for the second semifinal and then it’s also time for Cornelia Jacobs, with the contribution Hold Me Closer, to take the stage.

The whole Swedish people will of course sit on benches and keep their fingers crossed for Cornelia!

Cornelia Jakobs

On Thursday we keep our fingers crossed for Cornelia!

Photo: TT

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