The shock! Pernilla Wahlgren confirms the new love relationship

Pernilla wahlgren

Wow! Now Pernilla Wahlgren confirms the new love relationship – what a shock!

Pernilla reveals – moves away from Christian

After the commercial: Pernilla reveals – moves away from Christian


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After 13 years as a single, Pernilla Wahlgren, 54, finally found love in entrepreneur Christian Bauer, 56.

We have seen the new boyfriend frequently on social media, but the next step, marriage, Pernilla has not felt any stress about:

– I’m taking it one day at a time and it’s really not me who’s free anyway, and we’ve only been together for a year, she told Svensk Damtidning in September.

Love is wonderful and now comes a real bang – Pernilla confirms the new love relationship!

Pernilla Wahlgren’s happiness – the new love relationship

Pernilla is not the only one who has been single for a long time in the Wahlgren family. So does her brother, Niclas, 57.

He has mainly been single since the divorce from Laila Bagge, 49, seven years ago, which he also enjoyed:

– I definitely have nothing against it, he said The Express 2020.

But two years later something has happened – Niclas has found love in the training profile Rebecca Hjelt, 35!

He revealed that to The Express in October:

– It’s fantastic, I’m very, very happy, it sounded then.

And now Nicla’s sister Pernilla also confirms the relationship with a wonderful post on Instagram:

“A few days in the house in Marbella together with my @cebebauer & fine visit for the first time by the brother @niclaswahlgren &, gives a lot of great energy – even though the sun is a little loose with its absence just today”.

In the picture we really get to see Pernilla, Christian, Niclas and his girlfriend Rebecca. Wonderfully!

The words about the new relationship: “It’s nothing new”

So we heard about Rebecca last month, but the relationship has been going on longer than that.

– It is not something new, nor is it something very old. However, it is something very beautiful and nice and yes, it is my girlfriend, Niclas told Expressen.

Pernilla Wahlgren’s worries in the relationship with Christian Bauer – after 18 months together: “So hard…”

Both work in the training industry, but met in other ways than that. Niclas is said to have contacted Rebecca, which led to a friendship and then love.

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