The shock reveal! Pernilla Wahlgren shuts down the show: "Finished playing"

Pernilla Wahlgren is now leaving her big project behind.

That’s how much money Pernilla Wahlgren earns!

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Pernilla Wahlgren has many strings to her lyre. The viewers have been able to follow her in the reality series Wahlgren’s world for a full twelve seasons, which she now has on her own since her daughter Bianca chose to drop out.

Recently, Pernilla also launched her own skin care brand L’Aucila, on that she has a podcast to manage, and not to forget the show “Pernilla Wahlgren has Hybris”, which is a sequel to the great success “Short, glad and grateful”.

But now she’s taking on a new giant project, which means she now has to say goodbye to another one.

Pernilla Wahlgren in a new program

Pernilla can already be seen in a new program, namely in SVT’s new venture Comedians without Borders.

– I sift through a lot and turn down a lot. But this was a dream team, I love working with comics and humor. These were just five really funny people and I love being called comedians too. But I had to try to squeeze it in. This is what I really wanted to do, so it went with a bit of puzzlement, she tells Happened.

The question is – how does she have time? Next year, she will be seen even more around the country.

The colleague confirms: Pernilla Wahlgren is shutting down the show

As she herself mentions above, a lot of sifting is required. And now it is clear that “Hybris” is closed, as Pernilla will instead be one of the main characters in director Edward af Sillén’s new production “Peter Pan goes to hell”.

“It feels fantastic to finally be able to present this laugh fest, with this new dream team I’ve put together. Hubris continues to be played now throughout the fall, and then; after over 2 fun years, it’s finished,” writes Edward in a message to Hänt.

In December, Hybris has done its thing, and then the rehearsals for the new Peter Pan show start instead.

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