The shock! She will be the new profile in Nyhetsmorgon – then she will take over the studio

Shirin Djavidi

Wow! A new profile in Nyhetsmorgon – now Shirin Djavidi takes over the studio for a while every second Monday.

Rania and Thomas about the changes in Nyhetsmorgon

After the commercial: Rania and Thomas about the changes in Nyhetsmorgon


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News morning is immensely popular, which largely has to do with the program’s profiles.

It becomes clear on Nyhetsmorgon’s Instagram! As soon as the account publishes a picture, the presenters are praised:

“Dear Sofia and Thomas, I’ve been following you all morning,” said one follower on Tuesday, for example.

And now viewers have a new person to get to know – Shirin Djavidi, 50!

Shirin Djavidi’s new profile in Nyhetsmorgon

…or yes, brand new.

Shirin has actually appeared in Nyhetsmorgon a lot over the years as a training inspiration:

Shirin Djavidi in News morning

Shirin Djavidi gives tips on holiday training in Nyhetsmorgon 2017. Now she has received a standing feature.

And now she has thus received a standing training element. Nyhetsmorgon announces it on Monday:

“Today was the premiere of the training profile Shirin Djavidi in Nyhetsmorgon when she showed simple home exercises you can do with the help of a chair. She returns every other Monday with us”, can be read on Instagram.

That Shirin is already popular among viewers is clear. On Instagram, the tributes are pouring in:

“This was great. Now it will be 7 minutes a day…”, is one of several comments in the same piece.

And Shirin herself is more than happy about her new gig:

– It’s great fun! After all, I have worked in the fitness and health industry for over 20 years and want to show that it can be fun and easy to exercise. And it’s great that I get to spread that message.

The Nyhetsmorgon profile’s own words about the new job

So who is Shirin? A multitasker, one might say!

– I have a part-time position at a company that sells food supplements. Then I have my own brand, Shape by Shirin, which I have had for 20 years. Among other things, I have a podcast there, “Exercise with Shirin”. And then I hold classes as a PT and yoga teacher and more.

What do you want to convey with your new training segment in Nyhetsmorgon?

– That small changes can make a big difference. You just have to start somewhere, and most of it can actually be done at home. It can be as simple as going out for a walk for ten minutes, or do a circuit workout at home in the living room.

– If you start small, there will slowly be positive effects for the body in the long term, and then you have won a lot.

Viewers in shock – Nyhetsmorgen is interrupted on TV4 in the middle of broadcast

Photo: TV4, Instagram/shapebyshirin

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