The shock! That’s how much Queen Elizabeth’s funeral actually cost

The funeral of the century did not become a cheap story. That’s how much Queen Elizabeth’s funeral cost.

The heads of state arrive in London – Swedish Lady on site at Buckingham Palace

After the commercial: The heads of state arrive in London – Swedish Lady on site at Buckingham Palace


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Twelve days have passed since Queen Elizabeth passed away aged 96, leaving a world in mourning.

During Monday, London stood still. Schools and shops were closed, flights canceled and the security pressure was enormous.

At the same time came reports that the funeral was expected to be the most watched event in television history.

Understandable, of course. The queen of queens was to be buried. And it costs a lot.

The price tag on Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Elizabeth is the first to receive a state funeral in Britain since Winston Churchill passed away in 1965.

After all, state funerals are reserved for people with high office or people who have done something significant for the country.

The state pays for the price tag.

Neither Princess Diana, the Queen Mother nor Prince Philip received a state funeral.

And Monday’s ceremony probably cost more than all of the above, writes Us Weekly.

Queen Elizabeth's coffin

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin.

This also gives us an idea of ​​the price tag of the funeral.

We know that the Queen Mother’s funeral is estimated to have cost around SEK 10.3 million. The security alone should have cost around SEK 54,000.

That’s how much security at Elizabeth’s funeral cost

The British government has not yet communicated the total cost of Elizabeth’s funeral. However, a former royal security official has spoken out New York Post that the security alone probably costs over SEK 81,500.

So Elizabeth’s funeral probably landed at well over 10 million kroner.

Swedish Tim, 29, confuses the guests inside Elizabeth’s funeral: “Who is he?”

Among the funeral’s 2,000 guests were around 500 royalty, including our Swedish royal couple.

For them, of course, it was a difficult day. They were not only friends with Elizabeth, the king was also related to the queen.

The lineage goes through the king’s great-grandmother, the British Queen Victoria.

Something that the king also took care of in his statement after Elizabeth’s death:

“With sadness, my family and I have today received the news that my dear relative, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, has passed away,” he wrote at the time, among other things.

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