The shocking story of Parraguez in the worst moment of Colo Colo

What Colo Colo went through last season is something that the colocolino fan does not want to go through again. Sadness after sadness but that ended with a happy ending: maintaining the category.

This is precisely what Javier Parraguez referred to in conversation with Las Últimas Noticias, where the forward detailed his entire journey to reach Talca to face Universidad de Concepción.

“When I uploaded the video on Instagram, my colleagues called me. I was sitting in the last seat with Iván, where the disorderly people go listening to music. I started recording 30 meters before reaching the gate and there were many people on top of the roof. The bus did not I could move forward and you couldn’t hear much of the people, only the blows to the bus “, he detailed.

He also detailed that, “I said it was beautiful because the human sea was impressive. Days before there were people angry because you had wasted the opportunity against O’Higgins”.

This is where Javier Parraguez comes with a shocking confession. “On the road I told the security chief not to throw water at people, because they weren’t going to do anything to us. That was the terror. The previous days they had come to the Monumental angry. Two to three cars followed me and I was I had to go down to face them. People don’t know those things. Then people quickly turned their shirts off. ‘You have to have faith, nothing bad will happen, trust’, I told them at the end and they ended up hugging me “, he sentenced.

Javier Parraguez in Colo Colo

To finish he said that, “I fought my whole life to get here and that my dream was practically to shit, it excites me. I was going to go down in history as part of the worst team in Colo Colo and I didn’t want that”.

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