The sincericide of Ángel de Brito that would uncover several inmates

Angel of Brito He is one of the most controversial journalists in Argentina. Due to his great performance in the jury of “Showmatch: The Academy” he is nominated for the Martin Fierro Awards. However, he was not very happy to be a part

Prior to his presence in the Martín Fierro, through his classic “Ángel responds” Angel of Brito He pointed at everyone when a follower asked him: “Who do you want to meet in the Martín Fierro?” and the host of “LAM” replied: “With my fellow jurors, with friends from other channels and with various fakes to tell them things to their faces”.

Ángel de Brito through his Instagram account.

Since the shortlists and nominees for the Martín Fierro Awards were announced, Ángel de Brito was very critical of his statements, since he assured that he considered them to be very incoherent and unfair to the panelists: “TV is made of panelists and, however, , there are three”.

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