The sincericide of Jésica Cirio about the discussions with Martín Insaurralde

Although at the beginning of the relationship Jessica Cirio and Martín Insaurralde nobody bet on the couple, the model and the ex-politician have been together for ten years, with a daughter in common: Chloe. However, like all couples, they have friction in their relationship.

Present on Germán Paoloski’s program “It’s not that late”, Jesica Cirio revealed the reason why she argues with Martín Insaurralde is because she is so permissive with her daughter “It is the discussion of every day, we argue a lot about it, I never disavow it because otherwise the tole tole is armed at home”expressed the host of “La Peña de Morfi”.

Source: (Neuquén Minute)

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