The smartphone that recharges in less than 20 minutes

In July, realme presented its refill UltraDART will give 125 W and, along with this, it confirmed that the first smartphone that would support it would arrive shortly.

Well, if these numbers say very little to many of you, the translation is that we will be able to have a smartphone load from 0 to 100 in less than 20 minutes!

Realme 7i

Currently the smartphone with the fastest charging in the world gives competitors a hard time. But realme has tested this new boost in the laboratory and plans to use it on its next top of the line realme GT which will arrive in early 2022.

Let’s say our phone has a built-in 4000mAh battery. With UltraDART charging it will be able to recharge 33% of its capacity in 3 minutes. An incredible result, unthinkable until recently. In fact, companies have chosen to turn to faster charging systems rather than batteries with technologies that increase their autonomy for the same mAh. In just a few years it has gone from 36 W to 125 W passing through 65 W which is the current one.

And since power is zero without control, realme certifies 125W only on its devices with power supplies included. Also inside a smartphone compatible with the new charging technology will be placed 14 sensors temperature which, together with an additional cooling circuit, will keep at bay any problem related to the high flow of current that will pass inside the components.

Realme’s super premium smartphone equipped with this new power boost will have Qualcomm’s new SoC and will likely be unveiled in the first quarter of 2022, roughly a year away from its predecessor.

With the arrival of Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch SE is not retiring. Indeed, it remains in the catalog and now has the most interesting price ever purchasable here.

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