The soccer reference of Juliana Di Tullio to talk about the alleged independence of the Court

Senator Juliana Di Tullio made clear her opinion on the independence of the Court by assuring that she prefers the sincere speech of a senator who asserted that the Constitution does not require the Court to be democratic but to be independent.

And there he assured that unless they are from the Red, they have nothing independent since they are not independent of power from the moment in which former President Mauricio Macri appointed by decree the current president and vice president of the highest court.

After that scandal that Macri generated, he had to do things properly, but he tried to put his candidates out the window.

The Court needs an extension, not only because the only four that exist are part of the so-called judicial party, but also because it is ridiculous that there are only four people, thus preventing the possibility of a tiebreaker.

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