The son sneezes – mean words about mother Magdalena Andersson

Björn Friberg felt compelled to roar away for the sake of his mother Magdalena Andersson.

Magdalena Andersson is in perhaps the busiest period of her life right now. Yesterday, she first had to celebrate that she became Sweden’s first female prime minister before she was forced to resign seven hours later due to political complications.

Today the chaos continues, and in moments like these, Magdalena finds important support in her family. She has not only her husband Richard Friberg, but also two children, a son and a daughter. And the son Björn is ready to defend his mother, it is one that is safe.

He is also politically involved, although he does not have the same public role as his mother. He describes himself on Twitter as “probably the definition of greyhound, and a bit of a flying nerd”.

Magdalena Andersson’s son to attack

Magdalena Andersson and Björn Friberg

Magdalena Andersson’s son Björn became irritated.

Susanna Silfversköld, former lead writer who now works for the Moderates, produced the big saw when Magdalena spoke.

“Magdalena Andersson has been in the Social Democrats’ absolute peak of power for 8 years. Everything she has promised to do now, she has had the opportunity to push through before. Do not go on her spin,” writes Susanna.

Then Björn could not keep quiet, but felt compelled to come to his mother’s defense.

“What if you, once just tried not to draw the cheapest points all the time. Kind of like Anna Kinberg Batra did and wish congratulations. You do not have to agree with everything to be a nice person from time to time”, writes Björn .

Magdalena Andersson about her children

In an interview with Svensk Damtidning, Magdalena emphasized that she has a very pronounced “friend relationship” with her children.

– The family is a safe and fun place. When I was younger, I did not understand how fantastic fun it is to have children, but I really love to hang out with them, to have our dinner discussions, go for long forest walks or just watch Rapport together, says Magdalena in the interview.

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