The songs in which Indio Solari appeared in the Los Fundamentalistas show

Devastating, full of climax, changing, moving… are some of the qualifying adjectives that fit the marathon show of more than three hours that the band of Indio Solari, Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado, gave this Saturday at the Huracán stadium with a list of 40 songs.

Until Pablo Sbaraglia said “good night” four great songs by Los Redondos played, without the crowd being able to even breathe: Rock for Negro Atila, My dynamite dog, Golpe de Suerte and Ángel for your loneliness. This is how the night began in Parque Patricios.

In the eighth song, El Indio just appeared on the screens and it was to sing the second part of me, cannibal. Of course, the image of him turned everyone on for the ricotta triad that followed Motorpsych, Superlogical and I did not fall from the sky.

Three or four sets of well-rounded songs and Solari’s solo stage followed one another, who returned to the screens to Encounter with an amateur angel, after for the celebrated Our master plays the slave, and before closing in Flight 956.

In between, the outstanding band made up of Gaspar Benegas and Baltasar Comotto on guitars, Pablo Sbaraglia on keyboards and guitars, Fernando Nalé on bass, Deborah Dixon and Luciana Palacios on choirs, Sergio Colombo on winds, Miguel Ángel Tallarita on trumpet and Ramiro López Naguil in drums. He made the crowd delirious with heartfelt versions of the songs that blow embers into the hearts of the ricotta cutie.

A string quartet for Mirage Y the treasure of the innocent; the rocker whiskey hero. with Sbaraglia’s rabid keyboard, the intensity of a whole stick from the throat of Luciana Palacios and the birds of the night.

The impressive list of topics


before singing prisoner in my city, Fernando Nalé remembered Martín Carrizo; After that, a whirlwind came with the air of a final pogo that made the palace tremble: Nobody is going to listen to your shirt Y The kid of the shipyards stuck.

But there was more Good News, My love genius, Every prisoner is political, Divina TV Fuhrer, To beef or not to beef, Lost toys and Mariposa Pontiac/Rock of the country. Without flares, at the request of the musicians, “so as not to hurt anyone,” said Gaspar Benegas. The guitarist thanked, warned that the band will start recording in 2023 -what, whose songs?-And that he will play again.

It was the end, announced and expected but always different. The biggest pogo in the world shook the stadium and the neighborhood, the fireworks in the Miravé grandstand were the final setting for a sweeping show, full of climaxes, changing, moving…

But there was more, a yapa: the rabid she must be so cute to give us another arrow to the heart. To be ecstatic, like every time there is mass.

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