The Spanish Chilean trained in Barcelona who tells of his passion for Colo Colo

Miiko Albornoz began with the boom that is already installed in Chile today: looking for the nationalized Chilean. The left-back, who is in Colo Colo today, opened a door for this type of player to be always sought, the latter being Ben Brereton at the national level.

There are many players that are spread around the world and a few years ago a new case was announced that meets these requirements: the forward trained in Barcelona, ​​Xavier Planas.

Xavi left the Culé team, went to Girona and today wears the colors of Sabadell FC. The attacker spoke with “The sports reporter”, who asked him if he has a favorite team in Chile.

His response was to be expected. “If I had the proximity, now obviously I have not been able to go but I would be very excited. As a child my cousin, who came from Chile, gave me the Colo Colo shirt and I keep it in the other room with great enthusiasm”, he detailed.

Xavier Planas colocolino

Xavi Planas himself put on his shirt in front of the camera. This shirt was from the year 2016 and black with yellow stripes. “The shield is very beautiful and I like it very much. If I have seen Cacique games, not currently but I have seen a game”, he sentenced.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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