The Spanish Metroidvania Bullet-Hell The Knight Witch arrives on November 29

A new indie promise is on the way with Knight Witcha game that combines the metroidvania and bullet-hell genres with RPG card mechanics developed by the Spanish studio Super Mega Team. The Knight Witch arrives on November 29 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PlayStation 5 and Steam on PC.

The Knight Witch is a long-awaited indie game published by Team17 in which we play the role of the witch knight Rayne, in a fantasy story developed in a world brought to the brink of collapse after excessive consumption of its resources. Spanish studios are known for the quality of their metroidvanias, so there is a lot of expectation for the new The Knight Witch.

In The Knight Witch we find a bullet hell-like twin-stick gameplay, with a metroidvania-like structure map and a deck-building system with up to 30 spell cards. In addition, Super Mega Team boasts several accessibility options so that anyone can enjoy its story regardless of their level as a player.

Don’t expect an easy experience with The Knight Witch, as both metroidvania and bullet-hell games excel at testing player skills. Since The Knight Witch is a mix of both, the best way to get an idea of ​​how it works is by trying its demo, which is available for free on the Steam store.

The release date of The Knight Witch was announced a month ago with a trailer that shows us its gameplay, as well as RPG mechanics such as cards with abilities that we find throughout our adventure. It’s less than a week away from release, so we just have to wait for The Knight Witch to be as good as it seems.

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