The spectacular images of the floods in southern China

Severe flooding threatens parts of southern China on Thursday, June 23, after torrential rains caused rivers to overflow to levels not seen in nearly a century.

The region at risk is the Pearl River basin, located in the rich manufacturing province of Guangdong and which notably includes the metropolises of Canton and Shenzhen.

> Look at the damage in the city of Qingyuan:

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Hundreds of thousands of people have already been evacuated from the most affected areas.

Footage from the town of Shaoguan, north of the provincial capital Guangzhou, showed residents scrambling along flooded avenues on Wednesday. The water reached the roofs of the cars in some places.

Muddy waters flooded shops and buildings. People were clearing debris.

“Climate disasters are getting closer to us and aggravating mental disorders”

The Pearl River basin includes many densely populated cities and countless factories.

Provincial emergency management authorities estimated direct economic losses at 1.7 billion yuan (240 million euros).

According to local media, the water level in Yingde, north of Guangzhou, exceeded the historical level of 1931 for the city on Wednesday.

“Flood of the Century”

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It could surpass the 1915 all-time record for the entire Pearl River Basin, prompting the press to say that this part of Guangdong is currently facing “the flood of the century”.

Does the Moon influence climate change?

Flooding is common in some areas of the country in late spring and early summer. But they seem to have become stronger in recent years with climate change.

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