The Spy Who Loved Me: Mod completely transforms GoldenEye 007

A mod for the shooter classic GoldenEye 007 completely turns the N64 game inside out and turns it into a game based on Roger Moore’s third Bond film.

So GoldenEye effectively becomes The Spy Who Loved Me. It’s an impressive fan project for the old game.

With Roger Moore in the game

The fan project of N64 Vault brings into play, among other things, the appearance of Roger Moore as James Bond, Barbara Bach’s Anya “XXX” Amasova and Curt J├╝rgens’ Karl Stromberg are also implemented in pixel form.

But not only that, there are completely new levels based on the events of the film. You are traveling in the Alps, in Egypt and the Liparus, Stromberg’s huge tanker, is also there.

More on the subject:

The following video gives you a good overview of everything:

We’ll have to be patient for a while until the next official Bond game. Hitman developer IO Interactive is currently working on a new project around 007.

It’s supposed to be an origin story for the secret agent. However, a lot of concrete information is not yet available.

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