The Squid Game: a man was sentenced to death for distributing copies of the series

The North Korean government carries out strict control over the audiovisual content that the population can access

A North Korean man was sentenced to death for illegally bringing a copy of the series into his country. The Squid Game in the country. The smuggler will be executed by firing squad after authorities caught a group of students watching the South Korean Netflix drama.

According to Radio Free Asia, the man was accused of bringing digital copies of the series from China and selling them on USB flash drives. The student who bought the copy was sentenced to life in prison, while six others who saw it received five years of forced labor. Teachers and school administrators were also punished: some are fired and sent to work in the mines.

“This all started last week when a high school student secretly bought a USB flash drive containing the South Korean drama The Squid Game and saw it with one of his best friends in class,” a source told the outlet. North Hamgyong Province law enforcement agencies.

“The friend told several other students, who were interested, and they shared the USB stick with them. They were caught by the censors in 109 Sangmu, who had received a tip.” 109 Sangmu, officially known as Surveillance Bureau Group 109, is a specialized government strike force that hunts down illegal video watchers.

The Squid game. The hit series cannot be seen in North Korea.

“Elimination of reactionary thought and culture”

Although consuming media content from capitalist countries, specifically the United States and South Korea, is illegal within the dictatorship and is punishable by death, this is the first time the law of “Elimination of reactionary thought and culture“in a case involving minors, the aforementioned media reported.

According to the source, the regime will now “mercilessly interrogate” those arrested to track down everyone in the distribution chain, which will lead to more arrests.

“Residents are mired in anxiety as the seven will be mercilessly questioned until authorities can find out how the smuggling drama with the closed border was introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic,” he said. “It means that the bloody winds of investigation and punishment will soon blow.”

“The government is taking this incident very seriously, saying that the education of the students was being neglected. The Central Committee fired the school principal, his youth secretary and his classroom teacher,” added the source.

“They were also expelled from the party. The truth is that they will be sent to work in coal mines or exiled to rural areas of the country, so other school teachers are concerned that it could happen to them too if one of their students also he is involved in the investigation, “he said.

The source also claimed that One of the students, who comes from a wealthy family, was able to escape punishment after his parents bribed authorities with $ 3,000.

One of the show’s main characters, player 067 Kang Sae-byeok, played by Jung Ho-yeon, is a North Korean defector who enters violent games to pay a runner who can take his parents to the other side. from the border.

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