The Squid Game: A youtuber recreated the program, with a prize of 456 thousand dollars

The Squid Game, the great revelation of 2021 on Netflix, has its copy in real life. Mr. Beast, a youtuber and philanthropist, recreated the scenes of the series, with a prize of 456 thousand dollars.

A video of just over 25 minutes on YouTube shows the version of Mr. Beast: it already has more than 45 million views in just one day.

Called Jimmy Donaldson, this North American businessman is an expert in challenging large amounts of money. At only 23 years old, his motto is “I want to make the world a better place before I die.”

In addition to his original channel, with 77.4 million subscribers, it has one in Spanish, with 9.57 million.

Among his achievements and actions are raising 20 million dollars to plant 20 thousand trees, donate more than a hundred cars, give away a million dollars in a video, lead the cleaning of beaches … and, of course, recreate The Squid Game.

The Squid Game, in the version of Mr. Beast

The version of Mr. Beast has 456 participants, all dressed in green sports suits like in the Netflix series, with one big difference: in real life he doesn’t kill people. Relief.

Each contestant has a device at the level of the stomach that explodes like a bullet, spilling a liquid and breaking the shirt.

There are also the macabre doll and the guardians of the games in their uniforms. Among the recreated games are Red Light / Green Light; Honeycomb and Marble, who are lethal in the Netflix series.

The Squid Game, created and directed by the South Korean Hwang Don-hyuk, tells the story of a group of participants with tough financial problems, who compete in a series of children’s games with lethal outcomes.

It became the most-watched Netflix series of all time, surpassing Bridgerton. In its first 28 days on the platform, 111 million users saw it, for 82 million of the English production.

Released on September 17, 9 episodes of The Squid Game were broadcast. A second season is still under discussion.

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