The Sri Lankan military is urged to fire sharply

At least eight people have been killed and several hundred injured during demonstrations that broke out on Monday. Fifty politicians’ houses have been set on fire and buildings and vehicles have been vandalized in several places in the capital Colombo, writes BBC.

In the middle of yesterday’s protests, the Prime Minister announced his resignation. But despite this, the violence has continued on Tuesday. Voices are now being raised that the president, the prime minister’s brother, should also resign – something he has so far refused.

Curfews have been announced throughout the country and the government has ordered the military to fire sharply at looters and perpetrators. Thousands of soldiers have been deployed in the capital to maintain order.

Historical crisis

The protests are directed at the government, which many see as responsible for the deep economic crisis that Sri Lanka is in. For several years, the government has spent more money than has entered the treasury. In April, the country declared itself bankrupt.

Food prices have risen dramatically and there is a shortage of both medicine and fuel.

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At least 78 injured in Sri Lanka – after government supporters attacked peaceful protesters Photo: Reuters

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